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Got questions?  No problem.  Feel free to scroll here for answers to frequently asked questions.  Still have questions?  No worries ~ feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to help! : )
Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, absolutely!  We offer trial classes for both our online and onsite classes. 


To sign up for an online trial class, please feel free to go directly to our online schedules page, and book as a new or returning family.   


To sign up for an onsite trial class, please feel free to contact us to request for a trial schedule with your preferred location and time.  We are able to confirm available trial slots on a waitlist basis, based on availability, as onsite slots are limited.

Just a note, children learn most effectively over time and with plenty of routine and practice.  For best learning results, we recommend signing on for continued enrollment to give your child every chance and opportunity to grow and develop skills through Kindermusik's 7-year curriculum. ; )     

Can I enroll anytime?

Yes, enrollment is open for as long as slots are available. : )  Our curricula is designed to meet each child where they are in their individual learning journey.  Definitely, there are advantages to starting early, to catch our children's earliest learning windows, though the key ingredient to our families' success in the program is consistent and frequent attendance. : )  Research shows that children who start music lessons early ~ and stay with it ~ show greater cognitive gains and overall brain growth.  Music is a vitamin for the brain, and it reaps its greatest rewards when practiced regularly. : )

Can I attend anytime?  How do I sign up?

Yes, we offer classes regularly across age levels, with slots available on a first-come, first-reserve basis.  Signing up for classes is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Select your preferred Enrollment Package.

  2. Book your selected Class Schedules (class schedules are updated monthly).

  3. Check your inbox for your booking confirmation and payment details to confirm ~ join class and sing, dance, and learn! : )

What payment methods do you accept?

Enrollment may be processed via credit card payment through PayPal, directly through our online registration portal, or via BPI online transfer or GCash.  Details will be included upon completing the online registration form when selecting your Enrollment Package.

What do I need to prepare for class onsite?

To join classes in our studios, each enrolled child may be accompanied by up to two fully vaccinated adults to act as activity partners in class.  Activities are designed to promote adult-child bonding as an essential foundation for healthy brain development and successful early learning.  Adults are required to be fully masked throughout classes, where children are also encouraged to wear masks for everyone's health and protection, as we sing, move, and play instruments together in shared space.  Don't forget to dress comfortably, and bring a pair of non-skid socks to wear in the studios . . . each class experience is your time to be actively present to bond with your child through music!

What do I need to prepare for class online?

To join class from home, you'll need a strong internet connection, and a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.  For an enhanced experience, try connecting your device to a large screen TV and / or hooking up to external speakers.  We also recommend creating a space in your home with enough space to move freely without distractions ~then, gather any instruments from around your house, or make your own.

  • Something to shake: maraca/shaker, dry rice or pasta in a container or bottle 

  • Something to tap: drum, box, bowl or pan 

  • Something to wave: a scarf or towel

  • Something to wrap up with: a large blanket or bedsheet 

    • ​You're also welcome to contact us to inquire about ordering optional instruments or learning materials from our Kindermusik Store.

What if I want to control screen time at home?

We hear you!  Kindermusik at home is not meant to be "screen time" or a "show" that your child watches, but rather active, sensory learning time to inspire you and your child to enjoy meaningful interaction, create magical memories, and experience the power of connection through music.  If you prefer to limit screen time, you have the option of attending online classes without children watching the screen at all, and placing your device somewhere out of your child's view, but where you can still see, hear, and follow along with the activities.  The great thing about online classes at home is that the experience is 100% customizable to your family's pace, rhythm, and learning style together, to achieve optimum engagement.  We'll be with you every step fo the way to encourage, guide, and coach while the magic unfolds in your home in a way that's just right for you.

What if my child doesn't "participate"?

Our expectation of how children "should participate" is often different than what you might think ~ in Kindermusik, we know that children need to move, they need to explore, and they need to discover.  This is why music and movement is such a powerful and natural way for children to learn in their early years ~ because in Kindermusik, we know that children learn and grow best when they are in motion, when they are at play, and when they are supported by the people who love them most, YOU! 


If you feel your child isn't "participating" as you'd expect ~ take a deep breath, listen to the music in class, model how to engage in the activities, as you move with/beside/together with your child, and see how, over time, your child starts to respond to the patterns, the joy, and the security that they see, hear, and feel from your musical experience together in class.  Our kids pick up on our cues, our vibration, and our energy.  Experiencing music together as a family has been proven to help improve parent-child bonding, communication, and children's overall capacity to learn.  Give it time, keep coming to class, and you'll soon see how you and your child start syncing up together to music, and before long, you'll be falling right into step with each other ~ and like magic, music can, and will, help your days go by with a bit more joy, a bit more ease, and a whole lot more fun ~ for both kids and adults alike! : )

What if I miss a class?

If you need to miss a class, please do let us know at least three hours in advance, to allow us to re-open your reserved slot for other bookings.  You're welcome to make up the missed class in any other open schedule within the validity period of your registration.  Any unused class credits remaining at the end of your validity period may be reactivated and carried over to a new cycle by renewing your status as an enrolled family and selecting a new package here.    

Do you offer refunds?

Paid tuition for class packages is non-refundable.  Should you be unable to avail of your paid class package within the applicable validity period,  please contact our office no later than the first week of your original registration period to qualify for deferred enrollment.  (Deferred enrollment may not be applied to class packages which have already been partially consumed, or in cases where notice is given late, beyond the first week of registration).  Paid tuition for qualified deferred enrollment will remain on credit, and may be converted at a later time for either online classes or onsite classes, at the current prevailing tuition rate.  

When should my child move up to the next level?

Our curricula is designed to grow with your child through their first full 7 years of early childhood.  While every child has unique needs along their learning journey, we normally recommend moving up to the next level about 4 to 5 months after your child's birthday, as a general rule of thumb.  Do feel free to consult with our teachers as well for an individualized recommendation, as we recognize once again that each child is unique in their learning needs, and we're here to partner with you at every stage of your child's development.  

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