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Get to know our teaching team ~ each of our incredible lead educators brings years of certified and professional training, passion, skill, talent, and a whole lot of heart to their classes.  Come join any one of them for classes, and experience the joy, magic, and transformational power that music can help bring to you and your child's lives. 

We can't wait to welcome you to our Kindermusik family!
1-T. Jeannie.png
Teacher Jeannie
Teacher Jeannie is the Founding Director, Owner and Master Educator of Kindermusik Philippines and Kindermusik with Teacher Jeannie & Company.  She has been teaching Kindermusik for 20 years and has been multi-awarded for ranking as the #1 Top Kindermusik Program internationally out of over 5,000 worldwide in more than 60 countries, together with her amazing team.  She also serves as Master Trainer and Developer for Kindermusik International, and has been an active resource speaker at conferences in the Philippines, the US, Australia, Asia, and South Africa, as well as an online resource speaker for educators all around the world. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola University Chicago in the US, and in addition to being a licensed Kindermusik educator, is internationally-certified in brain and sensory foundations, neurodevelopmental movement, and neuromusical learning.  

Teacher Jeannie’s passion for teaching children, her love for music, and her dedication to family and parenting have led her to a fulfilling career in Kindermusik, where singing, dancing, and making music are among the best parts of her day.  Every day is filled with smiles, joy, and a wonderful sense of purpose ~ sharing love, life, and learning every day with children and families, through music.
2-T. Tricia.png
Teacher Tricia
You might have seen Teacher Tricia once or twice - either in a Kindermusik classroom, in a play, or in an event as the host/performer/organizer. With over 10 years as a licensed Kindermusik educator with Teacher Jeannie & Company, she uses her experience in theatre, children’s events, and love for music to help bring joy and music into families’ homes through her passion for the arts, teaching and children.
3-T. Impy.png
Teacher Impy
Teacher Impy has been a licensed Kindermusik educator with Teacher Jeannie & Company for more than ten years.  She began her career in education as a preschool teacher because of her love for children ~ combined with her love for singing and music, Kindermusik was a perfect and natural fit for her.  She loves spending time with children and their grownups in class, spreading the benefits of music and movement while having lots of fun and sharing plenty of joy and laughter together along the way!
4-T. Margaux.png
Teacher Margaux joined Teacher Jeannie & Company in 2019, serving as part of the teaching team in studio classes, as well as leading classes in partner preschools as a licensed Kindermusik educator. Equipped with her 5-year experience teaching Kindergarten students and her Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology, she is excited to now build meaningful experiences with Kindermusik families through onsite classes. 
Teacher Margaux
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